Over 101 size and ruling combinations to choose from!

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of rulings to choose from as standard. However, if you are looking for something special you can request your own design. The standard range offers you a wide choice including ruled, squared, handwriting and split page rulings.

Our most popular rulings come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for use across all primary and secondary school year groups. Opting for an oversize A4 size exercise books allows you to neatly stick in work sheets neatly.




Coloured pages

Coloured pages are available throughout your book and there are several reasons why schools opt for coloured inner pages. Oversize A4 sketchbooks are a popular choice for many schools. We have also provided yellow, green, blue and pink pages to produce dyslexic friendly exercise books.


Coloured Pages Bespoke Exercise Books